Charles Anderson provides the full range of Sheriff Officer and Messenger-at-Arms services on behalf of our clients. The list below details some of the functions we are able to offer together with other services.

  • Summary Warrant Collection & Enforcement
  • Debt Recovery
  • Summons
  • Citation
  • Diligence
  • Recovery of Fines
  • Tracing & Enquiry Service
  • Pre Sue Reporting

Case Management

Successful case management is not as simple as progressing from one stage to a subsequent stage, rather a thorough and sensitive approach is required. Without a knowledge of the different elements involved in progressing each individual case to a final conclusion, combined with intimate knowledge of individual circumstances and the ability to communicate with all the parties involved, a case can drag on unnecessarily or can be brought to a close abruptly with an inappropriate result.

Charles Anderson blends all these strands to provide a thorough, robust and efficient service. Whether it be serving a summons or recovering thousands of pounds from debtors, you can be assured that we will track each stage accurately, always passing all the relevant information back to you and your company so you don't miss a thing. Where appropriate we will initiate escalation procedures to ensure that no case is left idle and is resolved as efficiently and sensitively as possible.

Of course we will also administer all the ancillary elements involved in any case we undertake on your behalf. This can range from simply liaising with third parties to funds management running to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Whatever your requirements, Charles Anderson will guarantee a quality service.