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If you are looking for advice on a debt problem there are several ways you can obtain help and information …

Online Payments

This service is designed for individuals and organisations who have Council Tax arrears accounts with Charles Anderson …


Based in the city of Glasgow and established in 1924, the firm of Charles Anderson is a family run business which serves west central Scotland.

As officers of court we execute citation and diligence from the instructions of a wide-ranging client base which consists of Solicitors, Scottish Courts, Local Businesses, Banks, Local and Central Government bodies.

As a quality assured firm we are subjected to ongoing external audits which ensures that our service levels always remain at the highest standard possible. This enables us to offer clients total control and accountability, always.

Mediation Scotland

It is a voluntary collaborative approach that helps parties involved in a dispute to identify the concerns, explore ideas, consider alternatives and reach a consensual and long-term solution.
Confidentiality is maintained during the mediation process, which is facilitated by trained mediators.
The Goals of the Exercise

  • Identify and remove roadblocks to effective teamwork and communication.
  • Consider the actual requirements and desires of all those involved.
  • Openly consider future scenarios as an alternative to the current one.
  • Facilitate the attainment of collective goals by participants.
  • Establish a framework for agreement and the maintenance of long-term ties.

Why do we need to use mediation?

When other methods of settling problems have failed or when individuals want a third party's support in tackling challenges, mediation has become a popular option.
As an alternative to costly and time-consuming formal choices, it is proactive.